Production Services

Your requirements

Do you simply need a camera guy? Or are you looking for a professional who manages your complete production budget with several shooting days? appleshot is your partner – for anything from a simple request to beautifully complex projects.

Cinema, TV, Web: We support large-scale sets with complicated locations and dozens of crew members and we help you with simple interviews and documentaries. Whether it’s film, video or stream – we know the formats.

Photo: Looking for a location with an edge? Or is it the “simple” beauty you’re searching? Whatever it may be: consider it found. We’ll also cast models, deal with their agencies, organise props – and so much more.

Gaming: We are quite convinced we’ll find the perfect location for your new game scenario in Switzerland. Not only do we know where to look, we also know who to contact to make sure your special needs get the attention they deserve. Game developers, designers, comic artists and journalists specialized in gaming are close partners in our network.

More than satisfied

We take great care to always ensure a fair and transparent collaboration. In order to guarantee a streamlined service and a smooth production workflow we employ the right people and use state-of-the-art communication tools.

Swiss people are known the world around for their language skills. And indeed, four native languages are spoken in our small country! We’ll speak and correspond with you in German, English, French and Italian. And of course we’ll organise a professional translator if you wish to communicate in any other language.

What’s more, we are film enthusiasts and produce commercials as well as feature films ourselves. This clearly sets us apart from tourist offices and transportation companies offering production services in Switzerland – we know exactly what you are looking for!

We got it all for you

  • Location scouting and management
  • line producing
  • production management
  • schedule and budget management
  • contracts & permissions administration
  • translators
  • art directors
  • ENG teams
  • crew booking
  • castings
  • stunt teams
  • mountain guides
  • animals & trainers
  • equipment rental
  • studio rental
  • transportation & logistics
  • accommodation & board
  • postproduction
  • editing
  • compositing
  • special FX
  • 3D & motion artists
  • voice & sound recording
  • film development, encoding, DVD production, etc.

We can act as a Film Production Company, as employer of record for all above and below the line personnel and can negotiate all deals and contracts with cast, crew and vendor supplies for you. Get in touch with us to learn more.

In case you’re still asking yourself why shooting in Switzerland is worth your while, click here to find out more.