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The staff at appleshot have been servicing foreign and local producers for more than ten years as service producer, fixer, assistant director or location scout. Here are some of the projects we supported:

Feature Films & TV

«Un Matrimonio da Favola», Comedy

Director: Carlo Vanzina
Distribution: Cinema (Italy, Europe)
Production Company: Italian International Film, Rome
Producing Country: Italiy
Link: imdb

«Dhoom 3», Action Thriller

Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya
Distribution: Cinema (worldwide),
Production Company: Yash Raj Films, Mumbai
Producing Country: India
Link: Official Website

«The Undertaker», TV Drama Series

Director: Markus Welter, Chris Niemeyer
Distribution: TV series, SRF Swiss Television
Production Company: Snakefilm, Zurich
Producing Country: Switzerland
Link: Official Website

«Tatort», TV Crime Series
Directors: Michael Schaerer, Florian Froschmayer
Distribution: TV series, SRF Swiss Television
Production Companies: Zodiac Pictures, Lucerne
Producing Country: Switzerland
Link: Official Website

«Mausam», Romance Drama

Director: Pankaj Kapur
Distribution: Cinema (worldwide)
Production Company: Cinergy PicturesReligare CapitalSeasons of Love Films
Producing Country: India
Link: imdb

«CARGO», Science Fiction Thriller

Director: Ivan Engler
Distribution: Cinema (worldwide)
Production Company: Atlantis Pictures, Lucerne
Producing Country: Switzerland
Link: Official Website

«Holby City», TV Drama Series

Director: Various
Distribution: TV series, BBC One, UK
Production Company: BBC, London
Producing Country: UK
Link: Official Website

«Smile Again», TV Teenager Drama, Series

Director: Hong Sung-chang
Distribution: TV series, South Korea
Production Company: SBS Seoul
Producting Country: South Korea
Link: Official Website, Asian Wiki

… as well as for various other TV and feature film productions.

Commercial Productions

«iPads in Global Businesses»

Campaign: Corporate Docu, B2B
Client: Apple, USA
Production Company: Actual Films, San Francisco
Producing Country: USA
Link: tbd

«Shin Noodle Soups»

Campaign: Commercial
Client: Shin Ramyun, Nong Shim Ltd.
Production Company: Pandora Films, Sydney
Producing Country: Australia, South Korea
Link: YouTube

«SBB TV Spots»

Campaign: Various TV Commercials
Client: SBB Swiss Railway Company
Production Company: Shining Pictures, Zurich
Producting Country: Switzerland
Link: Shining Pictures Portfolio

«Google Mapper and Modeler Summit»

Campaign: Corporate Web Video
Client: Google
Production Company: Across the Pond Productions, London
Producting Country: UK
Link: Google Mapper/Modeler


Campaign: TV Commercial
Client: Migros AdR
Production Company: Condor Films, Zurich
Producting Country: Switzerland
Link: Vimeo

«SF zwei Station Idents»

Campaign: TV Station ID’s
Client: SRF zwei, Swiss National Television
Production Company: eqal productions, Zurich
Producing Country: Switzerland
Link: SRF Website (see also related videos)

«Project 66»

Campaign: TV Commercial
Client: Volkswagen
Production Company: United Visions TV & Film Productions GmbH, Berlin
Producting Country: Germany

… to name just a few. Just get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to provide you with production and location services on a small or big scale!