About appleshot

Film heads

Béatrice Eglin, Patrick Durst and Marco Leisi have worked together in the film industry for many years. Under the label «appleshot» they unite their skills to offer first-rate production services.

Béatrice Eglin studied Marketing Management and Psychology at the University of Zurich. Following completion of her diploma as a production assistant in 1993, she was working as an independent service producer, production manager and location scout for commercials, corporate films and feature films. She has gained international experience through her work with both international and Swiss clients.

Marco Leisi (G/E/F/I) was in tourism and education before he joined the film business in 2000. He worked as a production manager for commercial and feature films and is the creator of the production service company «Shoot in Switzerland», which he established for his former employer. Since 2007 he is an independent producer and production manager. Marco runs his own film production company.

Patrick Durst has studied design at FH Darmstadt and worked in the multimedia business in Berlin, before he joined the filming industry in 2000. As a trilingual (G/F/E) 1st AD from the German film capital Berlin he returned to his Swiss roots in 2003. Since then he is constantly working as a 1st AD & location scout in both, advertising & feature film projects.

With special skills

What makes appleshot unique? We love film – and we are passionate about video, photo, animation and gaming, too. We are not just about delivering nice location pictures, but stay in constant touch with directors, film technicians, producers and actors in order to find out what’s hot and what’s not.

We know about styles, formats and technology. We know where to get the latest cam or lens, what to do with the celluloid or files you just shot and what people to employ to get the look you want. And with all the latest online tricks we are never far away from your home base.

appleshot is at the core of the Swiss film network and offers you access to all resources. We make fair calculations and believe in straightforward communication. We identify with your project – after all, it’s going to be Swiss made.

We have supported producers from Germany, USA, Korea, India, France, Australia, Switzerland and many other countries. So if you are looking for someone who tries a bit harder to make your venture a success, go ahead and contact us!